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Sample Projects

History Research and Writing - School Histories

Nile Thompson and
Carolyn Marr

Seattle School District, Seattle, WA

Project Start:

Nile Thompson and
Carolyn Marr
2002 Building for Learning:
Seattle Public School Histories, 1862-2000.
Seattle, WA: Seattle School District.

Read an abridged version of the book at


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"I thought it would be fun to dig up what I could about Jefferson School. … [The district archivist] recommended a book called Building for Learning, probably in the Seattle Public Library.
It was.
… It was a goldmine of information about Seattle Public Schools from 1862 through 2000. The book was very professionally compiled … by Nile Thompson and Carolyn J. Marr on behalf of Seattle Public Schools … It is such a valuable source, I ran down a paperback edition at the U-Dub Book Store as a permanent addition to my library."
– E. Warren Lawless
School Closures … Nothing New
That’s the Way I Remember It
WestSeattle.Com April 18, 2006

History Research and Writing -
Indians - Photography - Exhibit Text - Grant Writing

Staff: Carolyn Marr
Client: Makah Cultural & Research Center, Neah Bay, WA.

1985 Collected oral history and written documentation on photographs during a planning grant; wrote successful NEH grant proposal for photo-history exhibit and catalog.

1986-87 Researched and wrote exhibit text and exhibit catalog.

1987-88 Coordinated traveling exhibit shown at the Makah museum,the Washington State Historical Society museum, the Washington State Capital Museum and the Burke Museum.

Marr, Carolyn

1987 Portrait in Time: Photographs of the Makah by Samuel G. Morse, 1896-1903. Neah Bay, WA: Makah Cultural & Research Center.

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"Portrait in Time captures the Makah in the years 1896-1903 … Carolyn Marr has researched and written the text which accompanies the photos. … The pride of the Makah shines forth in this slender volume, and the special appendix, “Photograph Terms in Makah,” links language and the art of Samuel Morse in a unique way."
– Stephen Dow Beckham
Columbia Magazine 2(1):47

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